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Container Image Security

Check your Container Images running in Kubernetes for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and insecure policies.

Control Plane Security

Verify the configuration of your managed Kubernetes control plane.

Infrastructure Security

Audit of cloud infrastructure running your Kubernetes setup.

Worker / Node Security (Data-Plane)

Check your K8s Worker Nodes for known vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, security and performance issues.

Workload Security

Review of your applications running in Kubernetes for security and cloud-native best-practices.

Final Findings Review

Together we analyze our findings and give you recommendations in our final findings review (1-2 hours).

Why choose Us

We have a track record of consulting national and international Kubernetes projects - Small to Big, Startup to Enterprise, National to International.

Focused on your setup

In our one-hour Kick-Off Meeting we discuss what areas are of special interest for you. Together we will talk about and design how the audit will be done and what areas are covered.

What you get

The Audit will take place during one (1) working day. Before we have an one (1) hour Kick-Off Meeting together. Afterwards we discuss our findings in an 1-2 hour Final Findings Review meeting and tell you our follow up recommendations.